Registration Instructions

Please, read these instructions carefully!

Registration to SMC-22 is made through our ScienceConf portal:

Once on this page, follow carefully these instructions:

  • If you already have a ScienceConf account, you can potentially use it. In that case, click on the "Login" button. Otherwise, you must create a new account by clicking on "I do not have an account."
  • In both cases, you will be taken to a form where you'll have to provide information about yourself, etc. Please, try to fill all the fields in the form (even the ones that are not mandatory).
  • At the end of the form, you should select your registration option which will determine the fee you will have to pay to register. Fees will be automatically adjusted based on the calendar provided in the Registration Fees table below (e.g., on April 15, the regular registration fee will automatically go from 360€ to 400€, etc.). To determine which registration option to choose, please read the Registration Fees section.
  • If your work is not presented at SMC-22 and you would just like to attend the conference (without benefiting from catering, receptions, banquet, special events, coffee breaks, etc.), please select the "Free Access" option.
  • You have the option to become a member of the AFIM (Association Francophone d'Informatique Musicale) by filling this form: (30€ fee). As an AFIM member, you will be able to apply a reduced rate on the SMC-22 fee (e.g., you'll be able to select "Paper/Demo Full Pass (AFIM Member)" instead of "Paper/Demo Full Pass" if you're presenting a paper or a demo).
  • If your partner, friends, etc. would like to come to the conference banquet, they should register on their own and select the "Extra Banquet Ticket" option.
  • Once you filled up the form, click on the "Overview" button. If you need to make adjustments, click on the "Modify data" button. WARNING: that's you're last opportunity to do so!
  • If everything seems correct, click on the "Submit" button. You can now enter your billing information. When you're ready to pay (by credit card only), click on the "Pay online" button. This will take you to a relatively blank page. Just click on the "Payer" button on this page ("Payer" means "pay" in English). You can then enter your credit card information and proceed with payment.
  • Once payment is successful, you will be registered to SMC!
  • We'll send you a receipt later by email so that you have a proof of payment for your institution, etc.
  • The information you provided will be verified.

Registration Fees

Due to the hybrid format of the conference (both in-person and remote), we had to come up with a slightly more advanced registration fees chart compared to past editions of SMC. Additionally, we wanted to provide a lower registration cost for artists and make the conference completely free for people just "seating" at the conference (with no accepted paper or piece). The rule is fairly simple: if your name appears on one of the submissions (scientific, demo, lightening talk, industry, or artistic) and you plan to attend the conference in person, then you will have to pay a registration fee (even if you're not the person actually presenting the paper). If your name appears on a paper/demo/lightening/industry submission and you will be attending the conference remotely, you will pay a reduced fee. If your name appears both on a technical and an artistic submission, you will have to pay the paper registration fee ("Paper/Demo Full Pass" on ScienceConf). If your name appears on multiple accepted submissions, you will have to pay the registration fee only once. Remote performances will only be accepted in some cases. Artists attending the conference remotely don't have to pay a registration fee but should still register ("Free Access" on ScienceConf). Details are provided below:

Registration Options Early (before April 15) Normal (between April 15 and May 15) Late (after May 15)
Paper/Demo/Lightening/Industry Presenter | Full Conference Pass (Normal)* 360€ 400€ 450€
Paper/Demo/Lightening/Industry Presenter | Full Conference Pass (AFIM Member)* 330€ 370€ 420€
Paper/Demo/Lightening/Industry Presenter | Full Conference Pass (Student)* 250€ 300€ 300€
Paper/Demo/Lightening/Industry Presenter | Full Conference Pass (Student AFIM Member)* 220€ 270€ 270€
Paper/Demo/Lightening/Industry Presenter (Remote) 150€ 150€ 150€
Paper/Demo/Lightening/Industry Presenter (Remote Student or Remote AFIM Member) 120€ 120€ 120€
Paper/Demo/Lightening/Industry Presenter (Remote Student AFIM Member) 90€ 90€ 90€
Artist Presenter (Normal)* 250€ 280€ 300€
Artist Presenter (Student)* 230€ 260€ 280€
Artist Presenter (Remote) FREE FREE FREE

*These fees include: access to all the events of the conference (i.e., welcome reception, scientific conference, all concerts, banquet, etc.), coffee breaks, and lunches.

SMC-22 Conference + Free Concerts (no accepted paper or piece)** Free
EOC Concert at Saint-Étienne Opera 20€
EOC Concert at Saint-Étienne Opera (Students, Unemployed, etc.) 15€
Extra Banquet Ticket 60€
AFIM Membership 30€

**This option only allows you to attend the conference and the free concerts. It doesn't give access to the various social events such as the banquet, welcome reception, lunches, coffee breaks, etc.

Coming to SMC-22

Restaurants Discount

SMC-22 is partnering with various restaurants in Saint-Étienne listed in this document. Just by showing this pdf or your conference badge, you will either be able to: get a free drink OR a 10% discount on one of the menus OR a free coffee/tea. These discounts will only apply if you get an actual meal at the restaurant, of course :).

Where to Stay?

SMC-22 is partnering with various hotels in Saint-Étienne offering discounted rates for SMC-22 participants! Please, refer to this document if you would like to benefit from this special offer.

Alternatively, AirBnb is always an option :).

Traveling to Saint-Étienne

Saint-Étienne ( is located about 65km South-West of Lyon, at the bottom of Massif Central mountain range. Here's an overview of how to get to Saint-Étienne.

By Train

The main train station in Saint-Étienne is Saint-Étienne Châteaucreux. This station offers direct TGV (high speed train) service from Paris Gare de Lyon (~2h30) and from Lyon Part Dieu (~45mins). You plan to take the TGV, you should book your ticket in advance.

By Plane

The closest airport to Saint-Étienne is LYS - Lyon Saint-Exupéry (1h drive). You can get to Saint-Étienne from LYS either by train, bus, or Taxi. By train, you wanna take the RhôneXpress to Lyon Part Dieu and then take a train to Saint-Étienne Châteaucreux from there (so LYS -> RhôneXpress -> Lyon Part Dieu -> Train -> Saint-Étienne Châteaucreux). By bus, you can take a direct FlixBus from LYS to Châteaucreux.

If you are coming from outside of the EU, flying to Paris CDG is an option you should consider. Indeed, there are direct TGV (high speed) trains from CDG to Lyon Part Dieu and then you just have to change for a train to Saint-Étienne (there's usually one every 30 mins). So: CDG -> TGV -> Lyon Part Dieu -> Train -> Saint-Étienne Châteaucreux. We believe that this is the easiest option in many cases. If you choose this option, make sure to book your TGV ticket in advance.

By Bus

Most major bus companies have direct bus lines to Saint-Étienne: FlixBus, etc.